We're experts at integrating the MailChimp API with, well, anything.

Because of our familiarity with the MailChimp API, we're frequently asked to integrate multitudes third-party software with MailChimp. From simple to insanely complex, we can help..

Previous MailChimp Integrations and Custom Developments

  • Syncing data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and Content Management Systems (CMS) with MailChimp
  • Using MailChimp to send database-driven triggered emails
  • Injecting product recommendation information into MailChimp Autoresponders
  • Adding subscribers via the e-commerce checkout process
  • Creating custom subscriber preferences centers
  • Incorporating purchase history data into MailChimp and creating custom list segments
  • Syncing subscriber activity with third-party analytic and reporting services
  • Linking email activity with third-party analytic and reporting services

Indiemark offers a full suite of MailChimp services that will help you generate more sales for less cost, with no hassles.