Connecting Apps and Data with Email

Because of our familiarity with nearly every Email Service Provider (ESP), we're frequently asked to bridge two or more independent applications, via an ESP's API, in order to leverage multiple data points.

Common Email Integrations

  • Sync independent lists and data points (e.g., CRM or e-commerce data) with an ESP.
  • Use an ESP's API to trigger and deploy automated emails that are not fully supported by their out-of-the-box application.
  • Embed third-party data, such as product recommendations and geo-location information, into email campaigns.

Benefits of Integration

  • No Human Error
  • Improved Efficiency and Reduced Production Costs
  • Increased ROI via Improved Campaign Relevance and Engagement

API's We Know Well

Mailchimp Bronto Adobe
Salesforce/Marketing Cloud Oracle Whatcounts
Klaviyo Braze Sendinblue
Campaign Monitor/Emma SharpSpring SalesLoft
Marketo Infusionsoft and many more...